IT/Emerging Technologies Consulting

IT/Emerging Technologies consulting and mobile platforms focus location-based-services and augmented reality


Virtourio realizes and partly also operates a couple of global-lighthouse-projects on behalf of HQs of Audi, BMW, MSC, Ströer, DB Bahn, Fraport, Hammerson, Brose, SAP. By all this projects technological benchmarks have been elevated significantly deploying own or third party soft- and hardware elements. Focus technologies are mobile, location-based services/indoor navigation, asset tracking, augmented reality.


Based on this extensive and unique experience a team of top management consultants, digital enterpreneurs, leading hardware engineers and software developers following consulting services covering all corporate functions are provided:


  • Digitization strategy
  • Situation analysis and requirement management
  • Use-case oriented selection of technologies, systems, suppliers
  • Concept and realization of special solutions
  • Development of future visions and turn-key-proof-of-concepts
  • High-tech business development

Retail / POS

Combine the superior acquisition and conversion techniques of e-commerce with the retail USPs

  • Use the smartphone as a natural interface between e-commerce and traditional retail
  • Attract attention by augmented reality and location-based services at all touchpoints like POS, print, …
  • Address your customers / clients corresponding to location and target group by push marketing, mobile, search engines and social media ads
  • Initiate and engage in dialogue by the app
  • Learn about their needs and show them the products they will buy
  • Lead your customers to your store and guide them through your product range by indoor navigation
  • At the POS provide all the information your customers need in order to make a decision
  • Present your products even more impressive by AR and 3D animations
  • Help your customer within the purchase decision process
  • Expand your product availability virtually with out-of-stock and special offers, especially in limited spaces
  • Learn from the motion patterns and behaviour of your customers and what they really buy

Car dealer

Use mobile as key for your future decentralised car dealership

  • Interact with your customers in the moment they are receptive or are interested in a specific car
  • By the app you provide the possibility to recognize every vehicle in the streets and make personalized, specific offers for new and used cars as well as mobility packages.
  • Visualize their dream configuration and show available vehicles at car dealers nearby
  • Provide local test vehicles by bring services, rental cars or car sharing
  • Guide the customer to the retailer and by indoor navigation directly to their car of choice
  • With the app you can advise and sell – especially on Sundays and holidays
  • Accompany the prospective buyer easily over a longer decision period by the app

Expo / Event

Build a sustainable bridge by the app with your visitors in total communicative reach

  • Start your communication far in advance and convince with clear, relevant benefits to download the app
  • Learn about your visitors by information they grant voluntarily, e.g. through registration or social media connection
  • Guide the visitor to the exposition area and by indoor navigation to the events and your booth
  • Expand your information capacity sufficiently, even when your booths are overcrowded
  • Screen your visitors by importance and provide individualized offers, information or attentions
  • Receive the attention by high end AR-Animations
  • Illustrate your products not only in a completely new, but also in a surprising and fascinating way
  • Begin and continue the dialogue by providing further information, also in the follow-up period
  • Use the platform from expo to expo, from event to event, year to year to build up reach. particularly to special target groups like journalists, key opinion leader, top clients, top business partners, or staff members, managers or executives


You can download the app here:

Link to iOS app
Link to android app


Convert contacts to leads by mobile integration in your campaigns

  • Offer your audience an exciting dialogue by their smartphone, especially in classic advertisement
  • Let out-of-home posters and billboards talk or move by augmented reality
  • Make print-ads responsive by apps
  • Expand objective PR articles by sales information provided mobile
  • Manage the second screen for editorial as well as promotional content
  • Measure the direct success of your promotional activities

Museum / Exhibition

  • Save by using the visitors high performance mobile devices instead of the limited audio-guides
  • Guide the visitor through your exhibition by indoor-navigation
  • Bring in relevant audio tracks automatically in the right place and moment
  • Offer in-depth information to the exhibits
  • Surprise the visitors with completely new points of view, e.g. by augmented reality
  • Let the visitor interact with the entire exhibition, integrate them with games, quizzes, win the hearts especially of your youngest visitors
  • Make it an easier and more pleasant visit and stay for people with physical limitations


Seamless user-navigation with the cutting edge technology

  • Virtourio offers the most modern beacon-based indoor navigation with an accuracy of up to 1,5-2m
  • The calculation for positioning and routing also takes places offline on the device
  • Alternative technologies are always available, e.g. wifi based, geo-magnetism
  • By embedding of google maps a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor is possible
  • You can display these information on a map as well as in the augmented reality view

Gamification / Games

Offer your young users more than just information. Offer them fun

  • With our quiz function you can embed content of the app
  • Further games would provide a playful approach to use the app frequently
  • Our games can be easily utilized for new topics
  • And of course we can realize your ideas also one to one

Virtourio – Just smart

Virtourio finds customers and visitors for your point of interest

  • The Virtourio app links customers and visitors with your point of interest.
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • It not only guides them to you, it even recruits them – online, in the street and everywhere.
  • You can provide the entire range of information and entertainment – high-end 3D-animation, videos, audios, pics and texts.

Virtourio presents your point of interest on mobile devices

  • Easy and cost-­efficient

    The Virtourio CMS enables you to define content and triggers yourself.

  • Outline the interactive content by yourself.
  • Decide which points of interest should be activated and how, by picture recognition, 3D tracking, GPS, Beacons.
  • Set-up new exhibits and interactions with the visitors.
  • Update general information like opening times, price or events immediately.
  • Measure your POI's popularity.
  • After the set-up you won’t need external support.

Our company and services for you

  • Virtourio
  • Founded 2015 in Cologne / Germany
  • Customers (Selection): Audi, BMW, Birkenstock, Bavaria Film, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim, Köln Bonn Airport, Sonepar, DEOS AG, BIMsystems, Lücking, meinZiegelhaus, Ambiotex, Secufy, Safectory, Clickworker, Maestrani

Our team of 100 employees and 450 on demand developers offers a full-service for your point of interest: analysis, concept, design, content (incl. 3D), development and operation. In addition, we can also include special services by our wider network e.g. high-end 3D-animation, indoor-navigation and gesture language.

  • Virtourio and Favendo develop innovative AR-indoor-navigation car dealer-app for Audi

    Capabilities of ecommerce and retail merged by Get-your-Audi-app

Cologne/Bamberg, 27.7.2016. On behalf of Audi AG Virtourio and Favendo developed an app with unique functions for the GWplus Zentrum Munich. The entire system is based on the modular AR-sales-app-solution Virtourio and the elementary Favendo-module for instore-navigation and location-based services. The user can still at home select cars and get guided by map view or innovative AR-orientation to the dealer and in the store directly to the car. Furthermore, the customer can interact with the POS. The app is a significant step towards a merger of online- and offline-world. Additionally, internal car dealer processes, i.e. sales preparation, can be optimized by tracking the stock of cars.

Once again, the two partner companies prove their reputation as innovation-drivers, this time in car trading. They developed a unique app for the Audi dealer GWZ Munich enabling a seamless user experience from online to offline retail. Customers can select the preferred car and get navigated not only to the dealer, but instore directly to the chosen vehicle. Considering the 12,000 sqm sales floor and stock of up to 1,000 cars, this is a tremendously useful function to get a first impression even without sales staff, e.g. on a Sunday.

The innovative beacon-based indoor-navigation-system identifies the positions of vehicles and users to indicate the closest path on an indoor-map. Even more progressive, it is also possible to show the car position by augmented reality on the smartphone screen. The car will be highlighted by a point-of-interest-flag opening additional information and content. These flags can also be used for client-specific communication, e.g. offers. This combination of AR and instore-navigation is state-of-the-art.

Furthermore, the client can interact with visual media, like POS-displays, price tags and screens by AR-image recognition and get additional information like videos being displayed. Basically, the whole multimedia range including 3D animations can be rendered.

According to both managing directors, Stephan Spachowski (Virtourio) and Richard Lemke (Favendo), “is such a car dealer app part of future retailing structures. The next generation of our modular standard solution will be able to generate and convert leads by smartphones. At the moment, the user is open for a sales contact or is interested, for example walking in the street, noticing a car and willing to know more. The user device will be able to recognize any vehicle and give the prospective buyer detailed information and individualized sales offers.”

Besides the sales functionalities, this solution supports the internal car dealer processes. The management is able to track permanently the vehicle positions and monitor the preparation and provision process. Hence, the expenses as well as the sales duration can be optimized.

Virtourio is a modular AR-sales-app-solution, which is capable to manage the entire purchase funnel including the POS. The integrated standard Favendo-SDK enables broad location-based services-/instore-navigation functions. The whole system including the app content and interactions can be managed and analyzed by the back-end management UI.

Download app:

iOS app version

Android app version

  • Start of new AR-Infotainment Exhibition "Ice Age-Safari"

    Leading creator of cultural and historical exhibitions, the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim, expands the latest production by digital Virtourio dimension.

Koblenz, 16th of march, 2016. The State Museum Koblenz starts the "Ice Age-Safari" on 20th of march, 2016. It is the new exhibition of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim, following a sequence of internationally renouned shows over the last decades. This time, the visitors will not only be shown how life was during the cold era, but will experience it by themselves. For the first time an exhibition will be accompanied by an augmented reality app, which will pull the viewers out of their passive role. They will interact with the exhibits. As a comprehensive infotainment package for the whole family, the app is focused on children. Besides the augmented reality features, there are additional playful elements included, like quizzes and games, to achieve sustainable knowledge.

Download app:

iOS app version

Android app version

The website of the Ice Age-Safari is always worth a visit.

  • Leading museum of Modern Art Ludwig Forum Aachen: Tim Berresheim enables visitors interactive 3D insights in his artworks by the Virtourio app

    Tim Berresheim is one of the most important protagonists of contemporary, computer-generated art. He is active as an artist and a musician, while running his own label and project space.

Simulated realities in the astonishing precision of Old Masters: with his computer Tim Berresheim generates idiosyncratic scenarios in a visual language which emerges from the tension between computer technology and a questioning exploration of reality. He is constantly seeking to create something radical new with the latest technology. In the process, he realizes his visual manipulations in a variety of ways: he creates computer images, photographs or silkscreens through to whole room-filling installations which represent still lifes, spatial illusions and visions of the future. Extraordinarily incisive images are the result, which quite often have something mysterious about them – and these can be brought to life with an augmented reality app especially developed for the exhibition. The app is based on the modular AR app standard solution Virtourio.

The most extensive overview of Tim Berresheim’s work since 2003, the Aachen exhibition opens with an innovative program highlighting the unique synthesis out of art and technology.

Ludwig Forum is part of the Ludwig Museums organisations with locations i.e. in Basel, Bejing, Budapest, Cologne, St- Petersburg, Vienna.


iOS App Version

Android App Version

Visit the website of the museum Ludwig Forum Aachen!

And this link will lead you to the artist himself, Tim Berresheim.

  • Frankfurt International Motor Show 2015: Leading Premium Brand Goes For Mobile Augmented Reality

    BMW drives digitizing also on IAA stand

Frankfurt, 16.09.2015. World-leading premium car manufacturer BMW constantly exchanges ideas and technologies with IT innovators, MNCs as well as start-ups. At this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, BMW launches an interactive multimedia AR app to augment the presentation digitally. The app welcomes the visitors, guides them through the exhibition hall, and audio-visually explains architecture, exhibits and cars. For the first time, visitors can experience photorealistic 3D models on their smartphone by an event app. The modularity of the basic standard software Virtourio enables the evolution of the app for further major trade fairs as well as for general customer communication and retail application.

BMW as automotive innovation driver is actively facing digitization as one central contemporary challenge. New information technologies are tested and deployed permanently. Now, BMW moves another step towards digitization at the IAA without limiting physical exhibits’ relevance, but adding a new information level.

Steven Althaus, Head of Brand Management BMW and Marketing Services BMW Group: “Authentic, distinctive brands, outstanding new vehicles and exciting innovations will be showcased in a ground-breaking new way to create a unique visitor experience at IAA 2015.”

Focus is the visitor’s experience. A beacon induced audio-guide leads narratively through the spacious stand. Comprehensive multimedia information regarding new models and other cars are available on demand.

Augmented reality animations are the main digital highlights. Variable interactive 3D models of selected series are projected onto 2D markers, so called augmented postcards.

The integration of BMW CRM systems as visualiser and dealer search utilizes the attractiveness of the IAA and the BMW stand to initialize a sustainable dialogue with the visitors.

The BMW IAA App is based on the modular standard software Virtourio for mobile interaction with points of interest. The continuous development and the integration of new special technologies enable the long-term deployment on main industry fairs. Content and induction technologies can set up by the content management system (CMS), and updated even during the fair.

Due to its general applicability, a lead can be guided from all touchpoints like events, print ads, OOH, location-based ads, by GPS to the car dealer and by indoor navigation even directly to the relevant car in the showroom.

According to Virtourio CEO Stephan Spachowski ”mobile devices complement the still fundamental retail USPs by online customer acquisition and conversion technologies”.


iOS app version

Android app version

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